WW archive > Issue 505 - 20 November 2003

America versus Europe

George Bush’s four-day state visit to the United Kingdom has provoked a storm of brilliant protests and tells us something about the state of imperialism, says Jack Conrad


On Zafari; Anarcho record; Eclectic errors; Rewin Labour; State cap EU; Active boycott?; ZCTU protest; SSP inaccuracies

European Social Forum: PCF attacked

The PCF was attacked with bottles and fireworks by a gaggle of two to three hundred anarchists. David Moran witnessed events

European Social Forum: soundbites

Only 100,000; Scots missed; Cassen castigated;

Frightening Tony Blair

Bob Paul spoke to George Monbiot at the European Social Forum

Confusion reigns over union bosses' pay

At a meeting of 40 Public and Civil Service Union London Left Unity members on November 11, Socialist Workers Party comrades voted against their organisation’s position with regards to the pay of rank and file candidates when elected as full-time trade union officials.

Global revolution

European Social Forum: Despite the presence of some prominent individuals from European organisations on the platform, the discussion and debate on ‘Europe within liberal globalisation - the role of the EU and responsibilities of European states in the architecture of world powers’ generally remained uninspiring

Globalisation from below?

Around the web - Phil Hamilton reviews the website of Attac

Multitude or working class?

European Social Forum: ‘Multitude or working class?’, Antonio Negri, co-author of Empire, was a star attraction

Lutte Ouvrière stays away

European Social Forum: Lutte Ouvrière’s boycott is very much to be regretted

Combating religious hatred and chauvinism

On Saturday November 8, Awaaz South Asia Watch held its first conference in Camden Town Hall. This activist organisation was set up in the wake of last year’s Gujarat state-inspired pogroms against muslims in western India.

Rhetoric and hot air

European Social Forum: Too much hot air

European Social Forum: 'Anti-semitism' smear flops

Bernard-Henri Lévy has accused Tariq Ramadan of antisemitism. Not so, writes Alan Fox

Republican slogans and the CPGB

Socialist Alliance: I claimed in a previous article that the CPGB was ducking the question of republican slogans in its intervention in the Socialist Alliance

Resource for the movement

The awkward birth of the Marxist Internet Archive has, fortunately, coincided with a drying up of print editions of the classics, here is how it started and what it plans for the future

Stop the US-UK warmongers

November 18 meeting in London: stop the war movement becomes a stop the occupation movement

Political horse-trading

European Social Forum

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