WW archive > Issue 500 - 16 October 2003

Party Notes: 500th edition

Notching up 500 issues of the Weekly Worker is an undoubted achievement in itself, says Jack Conrad


Russia 1917; Anarchism; Anarcho-cap; SA platform; SSP success; Foot in mouth; Galloway; Obsessed

Labour socialists and SSP

Can Labour be reclaimed? Are avenues of dissent concreted over? Vince Mills secretary of the Campaign for Socialism - a group within the Scottish Labour Party - speaks to Mark Fischer

Support Bookmarks

Bookmarks, the socialist publisher associated with the Socialist Workers Party, are currently facing massive legal costs as a result of a libel case. Ian Donovan reports

Around the web: True lies

Phil Hamilton looks at the website of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Class politics not electoralism

It looks as though the Socialist Workers Party's hopes for a cross-class 'peace and justice' coalition to contest next year's European and Greater London Authority elections are alive and well after all. Peter Manson reports

Bourgeois revolutions and breaking national myths

Neil Davidson, a member of the Socialist Worker platform in the SSP, systematically takes apart what commonly passes for Scottish history. This is an edited version of the opening he gave to this year's Communist University

Open up London ESF bid

Another week, another secret meeting to discuss the proposal to host the European Social Forum 2004 in London. Tina Becker was there

Allure of centrism

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group calls for a republican workers' party

Agreeing to disagree

Sean Matgamna of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty demands to know the politics on which a new workers' party would be based. Is ideological consensus a requirement for unity? Manny Neira argues not

Hard cash and comradeship

This letter has been sent by the Communist Party of Great Britain to the Socialist Alliance national executive committee

Arnie's total recall

Jem Jones comments on Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming the new Republican governor of California

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