Improving Socialist Alliance democracy

Over 50 members of the Socialist Alliance met in Birmingham on September 13

Over 50 members of the Socialist Alliance met in Birmingham on September 13 and agreed to hold a further meeting within two months to organise a political platform, as per the SA constitution, in order to re-establish democracy within the Socialist Alliance. It was further agreed that this meeting be organised by the national executive members who initiated the September 13 open forum (Lesley Mahmood, Declan O’Neill, Martin Thomas, Steve Godward and Marcus Ström) plus two SA members nominated by the open forum: Pete Radcliff (Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and Nottingham SA) and Pete McLaren (Coventry and Warwickshire SA).

The open forum requested that further written proposals on the more precise nature and role of the democracy platform be submitted in advance of the follow-up meeting. We therefore request that individuals and/or local alliances/political organisations send in such resolutions and statements to Pete McLaren (julie.mclaren-@virgin.net) and Lesley Mahmood (lesleymahmood@mer-seysocialist.freeserve.co.uk) by Saturday November 1, to give us an opportunity to composite and circulate all resolutions/statements by email in advance of the follow-up meeting on November 8. Please only send in resolutions relating to the role and purpose of the democracy platform. There will be an opportunity to move amendments on the day - but we do ask that these are submitted in writing, preferably with copies.

The September 13 open forum also committed us to:

Resolutions are therefore also welcomed on the implementation of any or all of these policies, alongside the specific nature and role of this national platform.

We await your response with interest.

Steve Godward, Lesley Mahmood, Pete McLaren, Declan O’Neill, Pete Radcliff, Marcus Ström, Martin Thomas

SA democracy platform

Meeting to set up a national caucus/platform: Saturday November 8, 11.30am to 3.30pm, United Services Club, Gough Street, Birmingham