WW archive > Issue 493 - 28 August 2003


New ways; Too centralist; Dictatorship; Cynics; SWP and BNP; Human nature; Not reductionist

Iraqi self-determination: Solidarity with resistance

Ian Donovan calls for class support for workers' struggles in occupied Iraq

Attack of the clones

The revolutionary left plays at 'internationalism'. Events in the Ukraine prove that beyond doubt, argues Mark Fischer

Iraq and the myths of oil determinism

Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, argues that the invasion and occupation of Iraq is rooted in capitalism's historic decline. Those on the left who explain every modern war and conflict with reference to oil are wrong

Lies laid bare

The Hutton enquiry exposes a gaping democratic deficit, argues Manny Neira

Around the web: Exhaustive message

The Sinn Fein website receives a visit from Phil Hamilton

Waltham Forest by-election: Combating chauvinism

Phil Kent has been on the campaign trail with CPGB member and SA candidate, Lee Rock.

Denying human nature

Michael Malkin concludes his two-part article by taking on the Marxist critics of Marx

Socialist Alliance: Brent polling day announced

Stan Keable reports on an important Socialist Alliance challenge in north west London

Iraqi self-determination: Struggling against US-UK occupation

The Worker-communist Party of Iraq is making progress despite the US-UK coalition and the rise of the islamists. Nadia Mahmood of the WCPI spoke to the CPGB's Communist University earlier this month

Republican People's Assembly needed

Where now for the Socialist Alliance and anti-war movement? asks Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

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