WW archive > Issue 486 - 26 June 2003


Queer equality; Why so shy?; Clampdown; AWL and George; 'Fake left'; Not gossip; Keep printing; Too middle class; Don't trust 'em

Scottish Socialist Party: SW platform rift

The Socialist Workers Party is under attack in Scotland ... and the bourgeois press have a ringside seat. Sarah McDonald reports

Workers' Liberty: Descent into cultism

Ian Donovan assesses the current trajectory of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty

Birmingham Socialist Alliance: Re-elect Steve Godward

Birmingham Socialist Alliance is being called upon to dump its pro-party chair by the SWP

Around the web: Virtual vanity

Phil Hamilton reviews the website of Peter Taaffe's narcissistic 'international'

Unison conference: Sorcerer Prentis

Alan Stevens attended the conference of the public sector union, Unison

Ironic unpredictability

Philip Bounds marks the Orwell centenary

STWC activists' conference: Speak out and be damned

Anne Mc Shane calls again for democracy in the anti-war movement

Mullahs rejected

Mehdi Kia assesses June's rising and the state of the opposition

Workers' Liberty: Sectarians preaching to the converted

Manny Neira attended the Workers' Liberty summer school, Ideas for Freedom. He gives his impressions

SWP-CPB talks: Learning nothing

The Socialist Workers Party has been courting the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain. Marcus Strom takes a look

Party notes: Scotland and English nationalism

The English are revolting? Jack Conrad looks at the national question in Britain

Homosexuality and hypocrisy

Michael Malkin investigates the latest furore in the Church of England

Jews v Zionism

Kit Robinson was one of one hundred who attended a meeting to discuss the Middle East

STWC activists' conference: Good little Stalinists

Mike Macnair was impressed on the unity of purpose shown by the Communist Party of Britain and their would-be suitors in the Socialist Workers Party at the STWC activists' conference

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