WW archive > Issue 486 - 26 June 2003


Queer equality; Why so shy?; Clampdown; AWL and George; 'Fake left'; Not gossip; Keep printing; Too middle class; Don't trust 'em

SWP-CPB talks: Learning nothing

The Socialist Workers Party has been courting the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain. Marcus Strom takes a look

Mullahs rejected

Mehdi Kia assesses June's rising and the state of the opposition

Birmingham Socialist Alliance: Re-elect Steve Godward

Birmingham Socialist Alliance is being called upon to dump its pro-party chair by the SWP

Homosexuality and hypocrisy

Michael Malkin investigates the latest furore in the Church of England

Workers' Liberty: Descent into cultism

Ian Donovan assesses the current trajectory of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty

Party notes: Scotland and English nationalism

The English are revolting? Jack Conrad looks at the national question in Britain

Unison conference: Sorcerer Prentis

Alan Stevens attended the conference of the public sector union, Unison

Scottish Socialist Party: SW platform rift

The Socialist Workers Party is under attack in Scotland ... and the bourgeois press have a ringside seat. Sarah McDonald reports

STWC activists' conference: Good little Stalinists

Mike Macnair was impressed on the unity of purpose shown by the Communist Party of Britain and their would-be suitors in the Socialist Workers Party at the STWC activists' conference

STWC activists' conference: Speak out and be damned

Anne Mc Shane calls again for democracy in the anti-war movement

Jews v Zionism

Kit Robinson was one of one hundred who attended a meeting to discuss the Middle East

Ironic unpredictability

Philip Bounds marks the Orwell centenary

Around the web: Virtual vanity

Phil Hamilton reviews the website of Peter Taaffe's narcissistic 'international'

Workers' Liberty: Sectarians preaching to the converted

Manny Neira attended the Workers' Liberty summer school, Ideas for Freedom. He gives his impressions

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