WW archive > Issue 483 - 05 June 2003


G8 injured; Wake up; Independence; Homesick; STWC sabotage; Manic burn-out; Stay divided

Scottish Socialist Party: focus on independence

On Sunday June 1 the Scottish Socialist Party's national council met for the first time since the Scottish parliamentary elections. Sarah McDonald reports

Worse than Galloway?

The speech of John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington and chair of the Labour Party's Irish Society, which he delivered to the Connolly memorial rally on Saturday May 24, finally began to catch up with him almost a week later. Phil Kent reports

WMD: Competition time

If you can't hide the truth, complicate it: a standard spin-doctor's approach


What is the Fourth International for? Mike Macnair discusses the recent congress of the USFI

TGWU elections: Awkward squad at union helm

In a four-way contest Blair's preferred candidate, Jack Dromey, was defeated by a large margin. Alan Steven analyses the situation

CWU elections: Blairite booted

New Labour suffered another blow last week, when Blair loyalist John Keggie, a member of the party's national executive committee, was ousted as Communication Workers Union deputy general secretary (postal) by militant activist Dave Ward. Peter Manson reports

PCSU: Conference advance

Group conferences of the civil service-based Public and Commercial Services Union (PCSU) took place in Scarborough last week. Lee Rock reports

Tyneside SA: Candidate for mayor

Tyneside Socialist Alliance is standing a candidate for the mayoral by-election being held in North Tyneside on Thursday June 12. Steve Cooke reports

Jail rail killers

More than a year after the Potters Bar rail crash, Network Rail are still trying to shuffle off responsibility for the fact that it was their criminal negligence and their greed that led to the death of seven people. Ernie Shenton reports

Yes, we have no WMDs

Manny Neira throws the words of Bush and Blair back at them

Party notes

Why we need an SA minority paper

Aim for socialist working class party

National executive committee member Steve Godward, who chaired the May 10 Socialist Alliance conference, gives his views on the way ahead

Around the web: Virtual promises

Phil Hamilton takes a look at the website of the Transport and General Workers Union

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