WW archive > Issue 480 - 15 May 2003


The left; Numbers; May Day; Galloway; Scum?; Lib Dem gains; Bureaucracy

SSP breakthrough shows the way

Mark Fischer reports on positive developments from Scotland

Left loses opportunity

Phil Kent reports from a frustrating meeting of Socialist Alliance members who supported the motion for a new workers' party

Galloway obsession

Alan Fox takes a look at the Alliance for Workers' Liberty's moralism

On-off front

Jack Conrad argues that sects no longer possess the slightest historical justification

Partyist project continues

Mary Godwin reports from the CPGB aggregate following the Socialist Alliance conference

NEC election farce

Marcus Strom recounts an election where the only transparency involved was the one displaying the names of the candidates on an overhead projector

Betraying whom?

Michael Malkin looks at Tim Fywell (director) Cambridge spies BBC2, Fridays, 9pm

Religious dogma

Jim Blackstock reports from the debate on 'Racism and fascism'

Mullin's rivers of blood

Manny Neira tackles some of the myths surrounding immigration

Road map to hell

Palestinian feedom demands unity below, argues Ian Donovan

Rank and file reject 'modernisation' deal

Scottish lessons lost

Peter Manson urges partyism

New executive

The newly elected members of the Socialist Alliance executive

'Our members, our alliance'

John Rees, in this imperious speech to conference, explicitly underlined that the Socialist Workers Party sees the SA as very much its possession

Not so invincible

Phillip Bounds reviews Paul Virilio, 'Desert screen: war at the speed of light', Continuum, 2002, pp148, £12.99

'All chiefs, no Indians'

Mark Fischer spoke to Ken Loach

Aussie contrast to UK failure

Alan Fox reports on Socialist Alliance success down under

Alliance goes Dutch - or does it?

Tina Becker describes another example of the SWP's contempt for the Socialist Alliance

Posing left

Phil Hamilton looks at the Green Party's web presence

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