WW archive > Issue 478 - 01 May 2003

Slogan wars

Jack Conrad discusses the problems of the left when it comes to opposition to an attack on Iraq

London's unlikely champion of dissent

A successful and positive launch of the Greenwich Stop the War Coalition put paid to those pundits who say the anti-war movement has evaporated with the conquest of Iraq, says Marcus Ström

Example to follow?: Scottish Socialist Party

Rewinning our day

It is time we reclaim May Day from the Stalinists, says Eddie Ford

What is 'sectarianism'?

Movement needs openness

Andrew Murray and Lindsay German, who effectively form the leadership of the Stop the War Coalition, put the movement in a bad political light this week when they acted as dyed-in-the-wool bureaucrats determined to stifle openness, accountability and democracy, reports Anne Mc Shane

Going camping: Alliance for Workers' Liberty

Respectable twin of ANL

Around the web: Searchlight

Anatomy of the hard left

For the tens of thousands of people mobilised against the war on Iraq who have been drawn towards political action for the first time, the myriad of groups on the far left must seem bewildering. Ian Mahoney supplies a rough guide to a few of the more prominent

'Open and democratic'

Luciano Muhlbauer is the representative of the Italian trade union Cobas at the ESF. He is also a prominent member of Rifondazione Comunista. Tina Becker spoke to him.

A brief history of lying

If Galloway proves to be innocent, he will join a large club of those who have been maligned by the intelligence services and the press for political reasons. A few examples:

Australian echoes

As in Britain, the Australian Socialist Alliance has been paralysed by the stubborn determination of one group in particular to prevent the alliance becoming a party.Dave Riley, a member of the Australian SA Non-Aligned Caucus, gives his view on the type of party it should become

Pipe and slippers: International Socialist Group

Bureaucracy and confusion in Berlin

Over the weekend of April 27-28 some 350 people from 180 organisations attended the latest gathering to prepare for the 2003 European Social Forum in Paris (November 12-16). This time it was the turn of Berlin to act as host. Tina Becker reports

Gloves come off

By coming after George Galloway, the bourgeois media is trying to tarnish the whole anti-war movement, says Manny Neira

I'm so excited: Socialist Workers Party

A day of celebration and hope

Mary Godwin takes a look at the history of May Day

Could have been a contender: Socialist Party

Workers Power, innit?: Workers Power

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