WW archive > Issue 473 - 27 March 2003

Texas: Police brutality

Youth in the vanguard of anti-war party

Swansea: Sit-down action

Westminster: Just beginning

Zimbabwe hits crisis point

Last week Zimbabwe was thrown into turmoil as the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, in alliance with a section of the bourgeoisie, launched a two-day stayaway/lockout directed against the Zanu-PF regime of Robert Mugabe. Munyaradzi Gwisai, a leader of the International Socialist Organisation - sister organisation of the Socialist Workers Party in England and Wales - spoke to Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson

Left wing begins to stir

Iraqi 'inhumanity'

Stoke-on-Trent: Noisy start

Surrey: Eclectic protest

Cardiff: Angry and confident

Conquerors, not liberators

School strikes and demos - a user's guide

FBU in turmoil

Last week's Fire Brigades Union conference overwhelmingly rejected the executive's attempt to end their long-running dispute because of the war. London regional officer Matt Wrack discusses the new situation

Opposition mobilised

On Thursday March 20, the day war broke out, people poured on to the streets

Belfast: Ulterior motives


Around the web: Indymedia

Our programme

Cape Town: Youth take centre stage

Dundee: Grappling with democracy

Turning the world upside down

North East: Challenge root cause

Menwith: Lessons learnt

Leadership lags behind the led

Manny Neira was among the hundreds of thousands who listened to the speeches in Hyde Park after last weekend's great anti-war march in London

Time to speak out

Graham Bash is on the editorial board of Labour Left Briefing and is one of the organisers of the March 29 London conference of Labour Against the War. He spoke in a personal capacity to Mark Fischer about his hopes for the conference

Hackney: Proud parents

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