WW archive > Issue 470 - 06 March 2003

Left of Labour

Socialist Alliance AGM 'postponed'

SA fails Bush-Blair war test

Part of the movement

Lysistrata is a renowned anti-war play by Aristophanes - the Athenian playwright who lived over the years 448-388 BC. Old in terms of time, his play is certainly not out of date politically. Recognising the contemporary power of Lysistrata, artists throughout the world put on performances of the play on March 3 as part of a coordinated protest against the US-UK war against Iraq. The play was seen by audiences in four continents, showing the possibilities for far-reaching international cultural engagement as part of the new and exciting period that is opening up. Artists Against the War staged Lysistrata with Doug Holton as director at the Unitarian Church, Newington Green. Afterwards Anne Mc Shane talked to actor Zoe Simon about her involvement and the role for artists in the fight against the war

Low turnout as dispute falters

Scargill moves against Brar

Real life inertia

Around the web: International Socialist Group

Critique is not enough

Our democracy against their war

Call to comrades

Whose democracy?

Stalin's system of terror

The 50th anniversary of Joseph Stalin's death on March 5 1953 has been used as an occasion to revisit the massive terror he personally ordered and presided over from the late 1920s onwards. Jack Conrad investigates the legacy of 'the man of steel'

Revolutionary guide

Christopher Hill's work brilliantly began the task of recovering the English revolutionary and republican tradition, writes Mike Macnair

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