WW archive > Issue 461 - 19 December 2002

Democracy, the state machine and working class power

The Paris Commune was the world's first example of a workers' state, albeit short-lived. Ian Donovan looks at the lessons for the 21st century

Separate and distinct from SWP

A meeting took place between members of the Scottish Socialist Party executive committee and the Socialist Worker platform steering committee on Thursday December 12. According to SSP national secretary Allan Green, EC members "expressed disappointment" that the SW platform "failed to deal with the main questions" in the letter from the executive (see 'Falling out in Scotland' Weekly Worker December 12).

Politics needed

Effective consent or moralism

Ian Donovan responds to the furore over the letter published in Weekly Worker 459

Turning away from history

Eric Hobsbawm, 'Interesting times: a 20th century life', London 2002, pp 448, £20

From Bedfordshire to Zimbabwe and back

Darwinism and Marxism

Stephen Jay Gould, 'The structure of evolutionary theory', Belknap/Harvard University Press, 2002, pp1,433, £27.50

Sectarian amateurism and the complacent world of Sean Matgamna - part 4

Learn from mistakes

Fight islamism, not islam

Fight war hysteria

Functional at best

Around the web: Socialist Workers Party

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