WW archive > Issue 456 - 14 November 2002

European SA needed

European left gathers

Same horses, new riders

Aziz Demir analyses the mounting contradictions behind the November 3 elections in Turkey

Socialist Alliance marginalised

Butler triggers royal crisis

What lies behind the trial of Paul Burrell and its collapse? Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group describes the death agony of the British constitutional monarchy system

IDS into the abyss?

Monumental historical study

Alan Woods, 'Bolshevism: the road to revolution', Wellred, 1999, pp636, £15

One million say no war on Iraq

Welsh Socialist Alliance door open

Last month we reported the decision of the Socialist Party to leave the WSA (Weekly Worker October 24). This is the WSA reply, sent to Alec Thraves of the SP Wales

Prepare for major struggle

Firefighters have begun their first strike in 25 years, but Blair is determined to make a stand on the Bain report and inflict a defeat. Fire Brigades Union militant and Socialist Alliance partisan Matt Wrack talked to Peter Manson about the aims and prospects of this strategically important strike

Communist SWP

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