WW archive > Issue 454 - 31 October 2002

Honest green Mike Davies

The article 'Partners or rivals', published last week, has provoked this indignant memo from Mike Davies, chair of the Alliance for Green Socialism. Comrade Davies, from the minority Left Alliance wing of the newly merged organisation (the other wing being the ex-'official communist' Green Socialist Network), seems to regard himself as the Arthur Scargill of the AGS, for whom 'open' means 'closed' and vice versa

Varied debate

Stop Blunkett deportation of SA friend

Transcending the old Europe

John Berger, Patricia Macdonald 'Once in Europa' London 2000, pp130, £20

Scottish separatism or workers' unity

The Scottish Socialist Party held its annual school, Socialism 2002, over the weekend of October 26-27 with more than 200 people attending. Sarah McDonald and Ronnie Mejka report

Take ownership of fire strike

Steve Godward is a divisional secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (at present suspended over a disciplinary matter) and a member of the Socialist Alliance national executive. Peter Manson asked him about the stalled firefighters' dispute

Scargillism and the miners

Dave Douglass, secretary of Hatfield Main National Union of Mineworkers, looks back over three decades of struggle and critically analyses the role of Arthur Scargill

Statement from the Socialist Alliance National Executive

Narrow vision

Hannah Sell 'Socialism in the 21st century - the way forward for anti-capitalism' Socialist Party, 2002, pp92, £5 Ian Mahoney looks at a recent booklet published by the Socialist Party in England and Wales and considers its limitations

Power rivalry

Phillip Noyce (director) - The quiet American - Regus London Film Festival (www.rlff.co.uk) November 7, 9. UK release from November 29

Executive wake-up call

Next for the chop?

Self-determination for Chechnya

Preparing for power

In the seventh and concluding article in his series Jack Conrad peers into the future

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