WW archive > Issue 451 - 10 October 2002

Neither pound nor the euro, but active boycott

Thornett agonistes

Alan Thornett, 'The socialist case against the euro International Socialist Group', September 2002, pp35, 80p

Leadership needed

In the build-up to Florence, November 6-10, Tina Becker and Anne Mc Shane report on last weekend's final ESF preparatory meeting held in Barcelona

Reid stages provocation

Pre-emptive move against Sinn Féin

Workshops sidelined

Discussion of workshops fell off the agenda at the weekend. Not for time reasons, however, says Tina Becker

SWP rebels defeat Hoveman

Russian means and the dictatorship of the minority

In the fourth of his series of articles Jack Conrad examines the background to Lenin's use of the word 'dictatorship' and the role played by the Mensheviks

Hackney: building a base

Time to decide

Should the Socialist Alliance campaign for a 'no' vote in a referendum on the euro? Or should we insist on the independent working class stance of an active boycott? Communist University 2002 featured a lively debate between leading representatives of both positions: John Bridge from the CPGB and SA national secretary Rob Hoveman of the Socialist Workers Party

Opposition to war

There was more controversy over a proposed statement on the planned US-UK attack on Iraq, says Tina Becker

Opposing BNP with lesser evil

The Socialist Party does not offer any advice when it comes to the October 17 mayoral elections. Phil Hamilton reports

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