WW archive > Issue 450 - 03 October 2002

Call for Socialist Alliance political paper reaffirmed

Saddam Hussein's reactionary regime

Rifondazione leads Rome anti-war demonstration

Foot - help wanted

Weapon in class struggle

Mike Wayne, 'Political Film - the dialectics of third cinema', Pluto Press, 2001, pp176, £14.99 pbk, £45 hbk

Italian comrades play host

Break with capitalist ANC

On October 1 hundreds of thousands of workers went on strike across South Africa against the privatisation policies of the ANC, fronted by Jeff Radebe, one of six government ministers who are members of the South African Communist Party. Reporting from Johannesburg, Dale McKinley of the Anti-Privatisation Forum exposes ANC-SACP double talk

Dictatorship of the proletariat and the Second International

In the third of his articles discussing peaceful and violent revolution Jack Conrad examines the use of the term 'dictator-ship of the proletariat' after Marx an Engels

For a democratic anti-war movement

Unions oppose Blair as revolt develops

Blackpool rumblings show potential

Corporate muscle and state power

Has corporate power distorted 'true' democracy? Can protest 'reinvent' the state? Mike Fitzpatrick presents his defence of Marx's theory of the state and takes issue with the fashionable anti-globalisation ideas of George Monbiot and Noreena Hertz

Anti-establishment challenge to Blair

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