WW archive > Issue 449 - 26 September 2002

Scargill back as Crow flies

Mobilisation for reaction

Strategies for Palestinian liberation

There are huge differences on the left on Israel and the struggle for Palestinian self-determination. We organised a three-cornered debate at Communist University 2002 between Cathy Nugent of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, Afif Safieh, the Palestine Liberation Organisation's UK representative, and John Bridge of the CPGB. All speakers are committed to a two-state solution for the two peoples and yet, especially when it came to assessing Zionism as a political phenomenon, there exist profound disagreements

After New Labour

Has Labour become just another bosses' party? Is Tony Blair's government qualitively different from Attlee's and Wilson's? Labour Party plc, by Socialist Alliance member Dave Osler, is released this week and provides some thought-provoking answers

Main enemy is at home!

Formulation nine and the dictatorship of the proletariat - part two

Jack Conrad continues his reply to those who have attacked the recently updated 'What we fight for' column as a move to the right

Defending Iraq

Liz Hoskings takes issue with the CPGB and calls for 'military support' for Iraq against Bush and Blair

Unity for two states

Common sense and Labour left

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