WW archive > Issue 446 - 05 September 2002

Good music, weak politics

Foot for mayor

The fight for an SA paper

Marcus Ström looks back at how the Socialist Alliance has developed and points to the immediate task ahead

Bloodsuckers' jamboree

United for tailism

March for another world

Dale McKinley reports from Johannesburg

Towards an Aussie Socialist Alliance party

The DSP leadership - the largest component of the Australian Socialist Alliance - is boldly proposing to close down and operate as an "internal tendency". In essence this is a scenario we have been urging and actively working for. So having learnt from Britain, the comrades are now teaching us. This is the letter from DSP national secretary John Percy to the SA national executive

Boycotts and abstentions

Essential shadings

Are there divisions in the Alliance for Workers' Liberty over the Socialist Alliance or is it all just a question of "personalities and superficialities"? Mark Fischer attempts to dig below the surface

Peacefully if we can

Ghostly voices of Auschwitz

SA must take lead in anti-war movement

Take advantage of imperialist divisions

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