WW archive > Issue 445 - 29 August 2002

Resistance and class independence

Last week we reported on the launch of a new paper by the comrades of the International Socialist Group and the Socialist Solidarity Network. Phil Hearse responds to the criticisms

March attacked

This sick society

Origins of fascism and the new right

A spoonful of tar

Alternative nationalism

Reviewing our constitution

Gossip sheet or new Iskra?

Every serious revolutionary regards the Weekly Worker as required reading - as shown by our subscriptions, sales and web hits. And yet a common attack from opponents on the left is that it is nothing but a 'gossip sheet'. Editor Peter Manson dissected this and other such attacks at the CPGB's Communist University earlier this month. This is an edited version of his speech

'Youth conference' stitch-up

How to beat the fascists

The Anti-Nazi League recently claimed a major victory over the fascist British National Party. Seasoned observers on the left could be forgiven for wondering when it has ever claimed anything else

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