Summer Offensive 2002

Strengths and weaknesses were highlighted by this year's campaign The final figures for the Communist Party Summer Offensive - our annual fundraising drive - are now in. In the months of June and July, our organisation raised just over £25,240. This is a fine achievement for us, and on behalf of the Provisional Central Committee I pass on congratulations to all comrades who have participated in this year's campaign, at whatever level. In particular, we would like to single out for special praise two comrades - Cameron Richards, who donated £1,000, and a young comrade, Mark Lusted, who was very inventive in raising his total of £730. These two comrades were presented with awards at a social to mark the end of the SO after the first day of our annual school, the Communist University. In a brief speech, comrade Jack Conrad noted the proud achievement of the organisation collectively, but pointed to some important weaknesses that this year's Offensive has highlighted. The campaign had been a success, but was far too routine for most comrades: "With more imagination and determination, we could be raising sums more of the order of £50,000 now," he suggested. This lays down an important benchmark for next year's campaign. Such a leap forward for the SO would be a real political gain for our organisation. It would require a more serious approach to the tasks of building and consolidating our national infrastructure and the continued growth of our group. Clearly, such a leap forward is possible for us. This year's SO should fill us with confidence as we face up to those ambitious tasks. Mark Fischer