WW archive > Issue 441 - 18 July 2002

Active boycott campaign victory

November 6-10 2002, Florence

Up to 30,000 people will be meeting between November 6 and 10 in Florence to discuss a wide range of political issues

Socialist Workers Party plans for year ahead

Security, dignity, comfort

Celebrating class solidarity

Legalise all drugs

Uniting Germany

Jack Conrad examines the struggle for the centralised and democratic republic

Sir Ken to dial 'Dubya' Bush?

In defence of backwardness

AWL divisions clear

Greek left divisions

Those who have seen Alex Callinicos speak in public would not describe his style as exactly passionate. So when, back in May, we witnessed him arguing excitedly against holding this preparatory meeting in Greece, we were more than a little surprised, says Tina Becker

Rifondazione takes the reins

The organisation of the first European Social Forum in November is well underway, reports Tina Becker

Build the alliance

SA exec plans busy schedule

Party ban compromise

The question of the participation of political parties was finally resolved in Thessaloniki after a heated debate

UK Coal pulls plug

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