WW archive > Issue 436 - 13 June 2002

Secularism and self-determination

Wrong side of road

Socialist Alliance member Martin Wicks recently returned from Israel, where he spoke to representatives of workers' campaigns and Israeli army refuseniks

Reclaim the game

Dialectics of defeat

The Alliance for Workers' Liberty's conception of barbarism is designed to obfuscate, argues Martyn Hudson

SWP comes out for 'no'

This motion for the Socialist Alliance conference on the euro in October was drafted by the Socialist Workers Party, International Socialist Group and Will McMahon. It is being sent out to SWP branches with a request from Rob Hoveman for members to raise it in their local alliances and "take the better independents with us"

Republican success

Debating Kashmir

Slow progress for ESF

Taaffe still hankering after a veto

Letter from the Socialist Party to the Socialist Alliance national executive

No activity, no information and no communication

Executive sets ambitious timetable

Connolly rally ambushed

Divisions in SWP surface

Has Chris Harman become a CPGB ally?

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