WW archive > Issue 434 - 30 May 2002

'Militant' economism and the Middle East

Church quits exec

Dave Church of the Walsall Democratic Labour Party has resigned from the Socialist Alliance executive committee. Marcus Ström asked him where he thinks the project is headed

What kind of nationalism?

Anti-monarchy opposition

Assessing mayoral elections

Forever slaves

Sam Metcalf reports from Nottinghamshire SA

SSP maverick ruffles feathers

Different language

To Julian Goss, WSA secretary

Coup in PCSU

Golden Jubilee frippery

Sound and mystery

John Berger - Selected essays - Bloomsbury 2001, pp588, £25

Confident of our ideas

Lifting the lid on MI5

Spooks - BBC1, Mondays, 9pm

Dysfunctional system

With socialism no longer appearing a viable alternative, many place their hopes in an 'internal revolution of the self'. Liz Hoskings looks at the 'recovery movement'

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