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Fighting fascism

Glasgow shows its solidarity

Reformulating what we fight for

Our 'What we fight for' column was first drafted many years ago in the 1980s as the factional platform of the Leninists of the CPGB. Subject to a couple of minor changes since then, it has though to all intents and purposes become somewhat fossilised. Updating the column is therefore long overdue. The Provisional Central Committee is submitting the following draft to the next CPGB membership aggregate on May 11 and calling for debate not only on our members' e-list, but also in the pages of the Weekly Worker

Ideological oasis

Pet Shop Boys - Release - Parlophone 2002, £13.99

Whither France?

The CPGB's Peter Manson, Francois Rouleau from Lutte Ouvriere and Alan Thornett of the International Socialist Group debated the way forward for the left in France at a special CPGB seminar on Sunday April 28. Mary Godwin reports

SWP thought police

1 million march in Paris

Heading for disaster

Comrades from the University College Dublin branch of the Socialist Workers Party in Ireland have decided to resign from the organisation. As their statement makes clear, there are plenty of faults in the internal regime and the way the London HQ handles differences with its comrades in the USA, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. However, although Socialist Alternative (Ireland) is surely a symptom of the SWP's general ill health from a communist viewpoint such micro-splits are wrong. Instead of openly conducting an ideological struggle within the SWP, the comrades chose to openly fight only after they 'broke away'


Draft theses submitted to the May 11 2002 CPGB membership aggregate by Darrell Goodliffe and Jack Conrad

Jubilee v health service

What sort of party?

Call for SA paper

An appeal for a regular Socialist Alliance newspaper has been launched by three SA executive members, Dave Church, Marcus Ström and Martin Thomas. To add your name to the appeal please email your support to marcus.strom@ntlworld.com

Revolutionary democracy in Argentina

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