WW archive > Issue 426 - 04 April 2002

For two states

Israeli right prepares for final solution

Boycott in Bedfordshire

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group gives his version of events which have seen a new leadership elected in Bedfordshire SA

Extreme democracy and the limits of capital

Partners in cuts

Postal workers withhold funds

Transform apathy into anger

Left makes gains

We are all terrorists

Fahim Ahmed, a prominent campaigner for Palestinian rights and a member of the Stalinite wing of the Socialist Labour Party, was held under Blair's draconian anti-terrorist legislation. This is an edited account of his treatment at the hands of the state's forces

George Harney and the dialectics of equality

Britain has two traditions. One is officially promoted in the media, the church and schools. The other lies hidden. One is the tradition of kings and queens, pomp and deference. The other tradition is republican, revolutionary and democratic. Hence, as we approach the establishment's well crafted celebrations of the royal jubilee, Chris Ford of the London Corresponding Committee begins our series of counterblasts with a discussion of physical-force Chartism

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