WW archive > Issue 425 - 28 March 2002

Imperialist war - no. Class war - yes

Capitalism and war are inseparably linked, says Ian Mahoney

Build election campaign

Crow injects controversy

Smoke and mirrors polemic

Does the Alliance for Workers Liberty want a revolutionary socialist party? Or is the SA just a site to intervene against the SWP? Should an official SA paper contain polemics and fight opportunism? Should we stop calling ourselves 'Marxists', 'Leninists' and 'communists' because the Stalinite counterrevolution was carried out using these terms? Did economism pass away in the early years of the 20th century? Or is it still alive and flourishing in the AWL?

Repression stepped up

Fighting for another world

Tories relaunch - again

Maurice Bernal reports

Labour prison crisis

Prepare to fight

Post workers resist attack on jobs

Pakistan socialist jailed for protest

Farooq Tariq, general secretary of the Labour Party Pakistan, describes his experience under lock and key

London meeting expresses ISO solidarity

Sheridan condemns MSPs' pay hypocrisy

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