WW archive > Issue 424 - 21 March 2002

'Proletarian' pedantry and self-contradiction

Democratise the political funds

SA trade union conference

One of the notable features of Saturday's Socialist Alliance trade union conference lay in the organisation of a series of workshops. Here could be seen our weaknesses and lack of direction, but also our enormous potential - if we begin to organise trade union fractions

Refusenik testimony

Asaf Oron, a sergeant major in the Giv'ati Brigade, is one of the original 53 Israeli soldiers who signed the 'Fighters' letter', declaring their refusal to serve in the occupied territories. This is an edited version of his statement to an often hostile Israeli public, which was translated by Ami Kronfeld of Jewish Peace News

Welcome to Planet Taaffe

Education: Motivate rank and file workers

Airbrushed out

Voice for workers

Matt Wrack Whose money is it anyway? - the case for democratising the trade union political funds London 2002, £1, pp18

Workers move on to the offensive

Our alliance against theirs

Constitutional and class struggles

Should communists be indifferent to constitutions under capitalism? Examining the examples of the EU and the USA, Jack Conrad argues that they should actively intervene

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