WW archive > Issue 419 - 14 February 2002

Crunch time for PCS

Chris Ford, Central and West London (Benefits Agency) branch secretary of the Public and Civil Service Union, reports on the safety dispute in benefit offices

Executioner of 'Captain Narwitch'

Not just votes alone

Not just votes alone

Open the borders

Ogmore challenge

Major battles loom

Abolish the monarchy

James Stuart notes that the death of a royal has provoked a wave of apathy

Blind to the truth

Jon Ronson - The double life of Jonathan King - Channel Four, January 11

Misnamed and misdirected

Taking things foward

Cynics refuse support

Combat police populism

Dull speeches

Road to nowhere

Anthony Giddens - Where now for new Labour? - Polity Press, The Fabian Society and Policy Network, 2002, pp84, £6.99 pbk

Fitting tribute

Rob Dawber - An injury to one is an injury to all - Workers' Liberty, 2002, pp28, £1

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