WW archive > Issue 418 - 07 February 2002

Victims and victimisers

US asserts hegemony

Programme and party

The SWP's main problem is that it is "not big enough", says Paul Foot. Size isn't everything, reckons Mark Fischer

United we stand?

Neither localism nor bureaucratism

One ward, one candidate

Scargill's papal project

The Weekly Worker has frequently carried details of Arthur Scargill's dictatorial regime within the Socialist Labour Party, including his exaggerated claims, not to say blatant falsification, of membership figures and election results. Here, a member of the Yorkshire NUM describes king Arthur's manoeuvring to have himself declared honorary president of the union for the next 10 years

Opportunity to build

Moving forward

The real wreckers

For an SA party to stop Blair

Establishing our presence

Should the Socialist Alliance only stand in target seats in local elections? Dave Parks of Exeter SA argues for a wider contest

Protest, passion and programme

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