WW archive > Issue 415 - 17 January 2002

Separate church and state

Call for rival SA

Puff, piss and princes

Socialist Alliance needs a paper

No to dictatorship! No to neo-liberalism!

International Socialist Organisation statement

Teesside gets going

Who's dumbing down?

Ian Donovan defends the CPGB's consistent democracy over Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine

National liberation and workers' revolution

Solidarity with the Irish in their war against British occupation was the theme of the CPGB executive committee's statement of November 25 1920 (see Weekly Worker November 22 2001). This declared: "In such a case as Ireland's - the case of a small nation held in forcible suppression by a great imperialist state - the national struggle and the class struggle are inseparable. The struggle against imperialism for national independence is a necessary phase of the struggle against capitalism for the workers' independence"; and "The republican movement is essentially a working class movement. There are, it is true, middle class men as well as bourgeois by the chance of birth. But they do not mould it. They are being moulded by it. The strength and vigour and inspiration of the movement lies in the workers and the workers' organisations." A different analysis is offered by PL Gray in this contribution to the Party's weekly paper. The comrade suggests that nationalism within the workers' movement could serve the Irish bourgeoisie, and urges the CPGB to assist the formation or a Communist Party of Ireland to win working class hegemony over the liberation movement An Irish policy

Paper commitment

No witch hunt on the rails!

Zimbabwe 'anti-imperialism'

The dictatorial powers being taken by Zanu-PF in its attempt to ensure the re-election of Robert Mugabe as president are not only intended to see off the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Equally they will be wielded against the trade union and workers' movement, not least the main left force, the International Socialist Organisation, sister organisation of the Socialist Workers Party. Tafadzwa Choto is the ISO national coordinator. Peter Manson spoke to her for the Weekly Worker

Lifelong red

His own man

Controversial debates

Clarity on Labour needed

Abolish the second chamber

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