WW archive > Issue 410 - 29 November 2001


Denmark vote; Language barriers; Two questions; Bourgeois workers; Ipswich lesson; SA debate

Socialist Party hypocrisy

The Socialist Party in England and Wales has laid down an ultimatum. If the December 1 conference of the Socialist Alliance accepts the constitution proposed by the Socialist Workers Party, the SP will walk out. James Mallory looks at the arguments used to justify such an action

What sort of democracy?

What is democratic centralism? Not the bureaucratic travesty that has blighted the left for most of the last century. Harry Paterson and Alan Stevens put the record straight

For a paper and partyism

Communists has always argued that within the Socialist Alliance there lies a compelling logic towards the formation of a party.


Sectarian shadow

Party notes

Come all ye faithful

Self-determination for Gibraltarians

Media monster

Conference - a rough guide

John Bridge, a member of the Socialist Alliance conference arrangements committee, goes through the ins and outs of the December 1 conference and gives some partisan guidance

Heading for a split?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues that it would be premature for the Socialist Alliance to discard federalism - it needs democratic federalism

Socialism 2001 has its prophet of old

Spirit of Maclean

The fourth stem

The CPGB urges all Socialist Alliance members to back our constitution. Out of the six stems on offer this constitution most effectively combines the principles of organised unity in action with the freedom to openly criticise in a political paper

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