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Stop war now; Arming our struggle; Afghanistan

Which way forward for Welsh Socialist Alliance?

Dave Warren, Socialist Party member and treasurer of the WSA, replies to Cymru Goch?s ?For a Welsh Socialist Party? (see Weekly Worker September 6)

Our history Assessments and tasks

The formation of the Communist Party of Great Britain was a tremendous achievement for the whole working class movement in our country. It represented far more than the coming together of the British Socialist Party, the Communist Unity Group and other, smaller, left organisations. The CPGB was to be a party of working class action, a party of revolution. The first edition of The Communist (August 5 1920) - an ?organ of the Third (Communist) International?, published by the CPGB and ?incorporating? the BSP?s The Call - carried a series of short articles by leading comrades, giving their impressions of the Unity Convention (later known as the 1st Congress of the CPGB). Also featured in the paper was an important lead article by comrade Arthur MacManus dealing with the immediate tasks of communists ? ?The tasks awaiting the Communist Party?.

Reactionary anti-imperialism

For communists there can be no question of ?defending? the Taliban, writes Ian Donovan

Welsh Socialist Alliance

Lagging behind

Unison United Left

On hold

Against Blair-Bush - Against Taliban terror

Fight on two fronts


Pacifism rules the roost down south


Clear answers needed

Globalise Resistance

Mickey Mouse politics

Workers Power confusion

Rally against Blair

Socialist Worker Party shows pacifist face

Revealing nothing

Stella Rimington Open secret: the autobiography of the former director general of MI5 Random House, 2001, pp296, ?18.99

SWP retreats

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