WW archive > Issue 394 - 26 July 2001


Crisis and opportunity; Soviet Nato; BNP problem exists; KLA justice?; Forward to defeat; Disarm police

Journey to Genoa

King Arthur?s scabbing

The SLP general secretary has called on the state to ban the party political broadcasts of the Socialist Alliance and the Scottish Socialist Party. Ian Donovan comments

Victory and defeat

Guiseppe de Cristofaro is secretary of the Young Communists, the youth section of Rifondazione Comunista. He spoke to Tina Becker about the protests in Genoa and the future of the European working class

Toy Town revolutionaries

Workers Power?s anarchist wobble

Learn the lesson

Tina Becker was in Genoa for the Social Forum and witnessed events

On the Globalise Resistance train

Travelling where?

Black bloc?s history

Behind the provocations

Tom Behan is a leading member of Globalise Resistance. He was in Italy coordinating activities and preparations in the lead-up to the protests. He spoke to Mark Fischer about the anarchist black bloc

Liason Committee

Updating our structures


Carlo Giuliani

From party to wake

Democracy, discipline and working class defence

Police violence and anarchist actions raise issues which must be addressed, argues Andy Hannah

Euro split looming

With friends like these ...

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