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Euro forward; Failed fund; Words of clarity; Reactionary crusade; Euro referendum; Euro boycott

Our history Unity: a hostile report

Over the next few editions of the Weekly Worker we will be reproducing documents, debates and resolutions of the Communist Party of Great Britain?s 1st Congress, then known as the Communist Unity Convention. The congress brought together the British Socialist Party and the Communist Unity Group (as well as representatives of Guild Communists, the Socialist Prohibition Fellowship, three branches of the Herald League and one branch of the Socialist Labour Party outside the CUG). However, the process of uniting the working class vanguard was not complete. A number of pro-communist organisations remained outside - and hostile to - the CPGB: not least the Socialist Labour Party, as its report of the formation of the CPGB shows.

Appeal for democracy

We ask you to support the ?Appeal for democracy in Hackney?. The facts of the case are set out in the appeal itself. Although the immediate occasion of this appeal is an attack by Hackney council on the rights of the Socialist Alliance, we believe the issues involved are of much wider importance and could have serious implications in the future. If Hackney council is allowed to harass the Socialist Alliance in this manner, a dangerous precedent will have been set. The rights of all smaller parties, and indeed anyone who chooses to oppose a local authority?s ruling party, will be compromised. The issue raised by recent events in Hackney has nothing to do with what people think about the Socialist Alliance or the Labour Party. It is about the fair conduct of elections, and the right of dissidents to express and campaign for their points of view. We hope you will add your name to the appeal, which we would aim to publish as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

After Bradford

Class politics, not multiculturalism

Vehicle for struggle

Which way for the Socialist Alliance? Mike Marqusee, an independent member of the SA executive, argues for a permanent, democratic and representative structure


New step to unity

Fighting for what is necessary

The July 7 RCN fringe meeting at 'Marxism 2001' pitted Mark Fischer and Martin Thomas, who are for a party of a 'new type', against Steve Freeman, who is for a party of a 'mixed type'. Peter Manson reports

Diminishing returns and megalomania

Arthur Scargill?s report on the general election, dated June 16, has been published on the SLP?s website. We reproduce extracts from this catalogue of falsehood, quack analysis and daft spin

Stepping stone to socialism

The Scottish Socialist Party is a model for many comrades in England and Wales. In this interview with Sarah McDonald, SSP leader Tommy Sheridan discusses the June 7 election campaign and looks forward to a peaceful road to socialism

SWP: main barrier

Steve Freeman of the Revolutionary Democratic Group put forward his case for a ?mixed party? with these opening remarks

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Who do you think you?re kidding, Mr Scargill?

On the capitalist road

Forward together

Marcus Larsen reports on developments in Australia


?Voice of the left?

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