WW archive > Issue 382 - 03 May 2001

They won the streets?

It started with bike rides along Euston Road and ended with 5,000 people being held without charge in open-air prisons for seven hours. The Metropolitan Police?s assistant commissioner, Mike Todd, promised ?in your face? policing - and that?s what we got.


SA inaction; Celebrate May 1; Plea for politics; SA swamp; Moralising; Welsh weakness


Global issues

A candidate's diary

CPGB member Lawrie Coombs is the Socialist Alliance prospective parliamentary candidate for Stockton South


Scargill challenged

Socialist Party snubs fightback

General Strike 75 years on: part one

From war to aborted general strike

Fight racism, build the alliance

Ateeq Siddique, the Socialist Alliance candidate for Bradford South, was heavily featured in the national media following disturbances in the Lidget Green area of the city. Peter Manson spoke to him for the Weekly Worker

May Day

?Officials? march

Unison minimum wage demo

Bureaucracy confronted

Racism or chauvinism?


Oldham in our sights

Greenwich and Woolwich

Left unity ?one day?

Welsh Alliance steps up challenge


East London fighting back

SWP enters SSP

May Day unity

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