WW archive > Issue 379 - 12 April 2001

Sack the lot

She did not actually say that much. That is one of the most interesting things about the so-called 'Sophiegate' affair. And yet some petty, albeit tactless, remarks by the stuck-up high Tory, Sophie Rhys-Jones, have apparently led to "the biggest crisis for the monarchy" since Diana Spencer died in 1997 (The Sun April 7).


Read all about it; Welsh essentials; Economistic CPGB; National Front; Lessons of Newham

New way of working

Louise Christian is the Socialist Alliance's prospective parliamentary candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green. Peter Manson spoke to her for the Weekly Worker

SSP-SWP unity

May 1 target


Bright young things

SA roundup

SA executive Centralising our forces

Socialising farming

Republican Communist

Split averted

Stop the National Front

Chinese scapegoats

Whither the Tories?

RMT witch hunt

Focus on action

Our history

Red raid on Caerphilly

Turkey in crisis

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