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Dialectical parting shot; Marx and the Jewish question; Emails and SWP sabotage

Strikers defy injunction

Last Monday's strike of tubeworkers all but paralysed the London underground network, leading to the cancellation of around 92% of scheduled trains. The management of London Underground Ltd had expected to be able to run a reasonable service after obtaining an injunction in the High Court declaring the strike ballot by the Rail, Maritime and Transport union "invalid", despite the 90% RMT vote in favour of action. LUL stated it had not received enough information relating to the numbers involved in each workplace, as per its entitlement under Thatcher's anti-union legislation, now wielded by New Labour. The strike called by the other main rail union, Aslef, most of whose members are drivers, was allowed to proceed.

Party notes

Welcome move

CWI crisis

Changing the world A comrade from the Militant tradition reflects on the parting of the ways

Rescuing Lenin and Trotsky from 'Trotskyism'

For the first time since 1920 there is the distinct chance of uniting all serious revolutionaries in Britain in a single organisation and thereby starting the historically necessary process of building a viable mass working class party. The CPGB is absolutely clear, however, that as an aim we are against any and all centrist halfway houses, attempts to revive old Labourism, an artificial Labour Representation Committee, etc.

Organs for sale

The real grave-robbers

Haringey Socialist Alliance

No immigration controls

Socialist Alliance executive

Full throttle

SSP: Fight for unity

Call for a single party

An appeal by the Alliance for Workers' Liberty for the unity of the working class socialist left

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