WW archive > Issue 369 - 01 February 2001

Defy the injunction

A clear majority voted for industrial action over the privatisation of London Underground. The ballot produced an overwhelming 85% 'yes' vote spanning both the Aslef and RMT unions. Now the courts have imposed an injunction. The strikes were to have taken place over three successive Mondays, starting on February 5. This follows last weekend's successful national day of action called by the Socialist Alliance to demand rail renationalisation.


Main problem; State and racism; Dead end

Establishment steals Nazi holocaust

Socialist Alliance

Programme and the misreading of history

Socialist Alliance

Hackney SA takes lead

Taaffe's hypocrisy

Party notes

Join, join now

Karl Marx and religion - part two

Michael Malkin discusses Marx's critique of religion in the early 1840s

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