WW archive > Issue 367 - 18 January 2001

Vauxhall fightback

We should not only be protesting against General Motors on January 20. Anger must be focused squarely on the government and UK state. The Luton Vauxhall crisis highlights New Labour's obscene worship of the market and the inhuman values of capital. According to Tony Blair, issues such as the closure of Vauxhall are purely "commercial". His government is therefore committed not to intervene. Blair's government is afraid of jeopardising Britain's reputation - won through Thatcher's assault on trade union rights and power - that this country is dedicated to the accumulation of profit.


Confused camouflage; Boris Elliotov; Means and ends

Scottish Socialist Party

ISM leaves CWI

Socialist Alliance

Cambridgeshire SP censured

Class struggle and the holocaust

In the light of the official marking of National Holocaust Day on January 27, Eddie Ford continues his discussion of Norman Finkelstein's The holocaust industry

Unite shop stewards with SA

Socialist Alliance Liaison Committee

Retreat from Coventry

SWP and Lukács

Significant engagement Georg Lukács A defence of 'History and class consciousness': tailism and the dialectic Verso, 2000, pp182, £16

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