WW archive > Issue 362 - 30 November 2000

Socialist Alliance

Last week's by-elections produced excellent results for the left. The Socialist Alliance, standing for the first time in Lancashire, saved its deposit in Preston, while the Scottish Socialist Party polled more than seven percent in the two seats vacated by the death of Donald Dewar in Glasgow Anniesland. Meanwhile the Socialist Party won another seat in a council by-election in Lewisham, south London.


Impressive; Billy Elliot; Misreading message; Charges dropped; Anarchism; CPGB and Trotskyism; Political prisoners

World climate conference

Mastering nature

SA Liaison Committee meets

No time to waste

SWP conference

Missing ingredients A Socialist Workers Party member reflects on this year's gathering

Rabid reaction

Which way for SWP?

The Socialist Workers Party published only two pre-conference bulletins this year, containing just 21 contributions from rank and file members. We reproduce two of these, featuring that rarity for the SWP - members engaged in polemic with one another Once more on programme

Growing cancer of reformism

Humour has long been used as a political weapon. We have received the following polemical document under the title 'Statement of the International Socialist Movement minority faction'

Anti-democratic 'anti-imperialism'

SA roundup

East London Cutting edge

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