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Israel's pogrom

All socialists, all defenders of the rights of the oppressed, must stand unconditionally with the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Gaza strip, and their co-nationals in Israel proper, against the murderous ethnic terror of the Israeli state. Socialists should demand, as a starting point, the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from the occupied territories, and the disarming and repatriation of the gangs of armed Jewish settlers that have encamped in these territories, whose very presence constitutes a violation of Palestinian sovereignty.


No Scots; Anarchists; Rightwing?; Cult bashing; Lesser evil?; Failure; Mechanical; SSP bans

Which way for RCN?

United election fight

General election protocol, as agreed at the Socialist Alliance national conference on September 30

Socialist Alliances roundup

Leeds Rigged plebiscite

Conference cancelled

Socialist Party sabotage

Call for unity

Andy Holder is England's first self-declared Socialist Alliance councillor, representing a ward in Burnley, Lancashire. He spoke to Peter Manson What is your background in politics?

Dialectical collapse

Edward Upward The coming day and other stories Enitharmon 2000, pp151, £7.99

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