WW archive > Issue 353 - 28 September 2000

Deeper unity not break-ups

New Labour no longer rides high in opinion polls. Yet tragically there exists no viable, all-United Kingdom, leftwing alternative. It is the Tories who have benefited from discontent and staged something of a mid-term recovery...


Refined action; Stalin debate?; Brent SA; Hackney

Socialist Alliance - response to majority recommendations

What CPGB proposes

After the fuel blockades

Painting things red

After the fuel blockades

Blair's black September

Prague S26

Time for control

Fighting to win

Greg Tucker, secretary of the LSA and a member of the International Socialist Group, looks forward to the general election and uniting all revolutionaries into one organisation

CPGB-AWL debate on the transitional method

Notes of the third, July 14, meeting between the Alliance for Workers' Liberty and the CPGB. Martin Thomas (MT) and Paul Hampton (PH) represented the AWL, while Mark Fischer (MF) and John Bridge (JB) spoke for the CPGB

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