All-UK challenge

The London Socialist Alliance set the scene last weekend for a united left challenge to Blair at the next general election across the United Kingdom.

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Eastern electoralism?

Analysis needed

A member of the Socialist Workers Party, writing on the International Socialist tendency opposition internet list, bemoans the absence of democratic discussion

Going, going, gone ... green

Two mavericks continue their attempts to undermine the fight to forge a united working class challenge to Blair, based on the success of the London Socialist Alliance. Peter Tatchell wants the LSA to subordinate itself to the Green Party, while Nick Long, the Socialist Party's main ally in its anti-LSA obstructionism in Lewisham and Greenwich, now places himself outside the socialist alliance camp. We publish their separate statements Reds and greens

Zimbabwe and socialism

Internationalist or transnationalist? Andrew Cutting responds to Ian Donovan's criticism

Planting the flag

Working class fighter takes on New Labour Weyman Bennett is our London Socialist Alliance candidate for Tottenham in the June 22 parliamentary by-election. Peter Manson spoke to him

Vote LSA - vote Bennett

Rally success Tottenham by-election June 22

You owe us

Their anti-racism and ours

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