WW archive > Issue 329 - 30 March 2000


Third way; Funny serious; Citizens all; No purpose; Eco-Marxism; LPP raided; Republic; Ayr; Anti-Russian

Demonstrate, occupy, nationalise

Official anti-racism

Greenwich council Anne Frank: a history for today

English Socialist Alliance conference

Nellist backs LSA list

Page supports LSA PR slate

SP candidate opposes Taaffe-Mullins line Ian Page, Socialist Party councillor in Lewisham and a member of the SP's London executive, is standing as a Socialist Alliance candidate in Lewisham and Greenwich on May 4. Peter Manson spoke to him for the Weekly Worker

Debating CPGB history

Phil Watson calls for a dialectical approach in assessing the Party's relationship with the USSR

West acclaims Putin

Foot heads our list

Confusion reigns

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