WW archive > Issue 311 - 04 November 1999

Ken ups tempo


Back Livingstone; Edinburgh debate; SSP; On Delphi; British-Irish; Machiavellian

Party school

Party notes

Defending revolutionary democracy

John Stone insists that the British-Irish can have no right to secede

SWP conference

Here we reprint short extracts from the first two of the SWP’s Pre-conference discussion bulletin. We have chosen the most interesting, or more accurately, the least dull, passages.

Scargill and Scargillism

Dave Osler discusses the lessons he draws from two years of SLP membership

Grasp the nettle

Australian referendum

RCN debates

Arthur’s coup d’état

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Word and deed

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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