WW archive > Issue 308 - 14 October 1999

Workers’ control

Ladbroke Grove disaster


Universal panacea; New majority; Left posturing

SWP in or out?

Party notes

Blair loads the dice

Livingstone for mayor?

Protestant veto

Lenin opposed self-determination for the British-Irish, writes Tom Delargy

Not a country, but a battle cry

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues that the British-Irish must accede to the wishes of the majority

Tory lurch to right

After Blackpool the Conservative Party under Hague looks unelectable, argues Michael Malkin

Hero and criminal

Ian Mahoney reviews ‘Redemption song: Muhammad Ali and the spirit of the sixties’ by Mike Marqusee (London 1999, pp310, hbk, £17)

Vote apple or orange

James Robertson reviews ‘Election’ (1999), directed by Alexander Payne

Liquidationist step

SP dissidents to attend Socialist Network conference

No more walk-outs

Alec Walsh of the SP comments

Statement from Merseyside Socialists

Frittered away

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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