WW archive > Issue 305 - 23 September 1999

Unity against Blair

SWP and the left must break from auto-Labourism


Poor defence; All Irish; Panacea; Reactionary KLA; Key silence; Stalin’s genius; Stalin’s terror

Act to stop Iran massacre

Communist culture

Phil Watson reviews ‘A weapon in the struggle: the cultural history of the Communist Party in Britain’ by Andy Croft (Pluto Press 1998, pp218, £14.99)

Disappointed sectarian

Dot Gibson responds to Mark Metcalf’s criticisms of Steve Hedley (Weekly Worker August 26)

SLP - the nine errors

Delphi reflects on the failure of Scargill’s former close courtiers, the shadowy Fourth International Supporters Caucus (Fisc)

British-Irish: once again

Jack Conrad argues that communists must champion the democratic rights of all peoples

‘Waste of time’

Taaffe rubbishes anti-Blair lobby

Big boost

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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