WW archive > Issue 301 - 26 August 1999

Quake hits workers


Dialogue; Right conclusion; Unfair; Chemical diet; Support Iranian students

Ireland and the British-Irish

Party notes

Communists and left splits

Livingstone and London Independent Labour

Could Steve Hedley have kept his job?

In July 1998 over 100 maintenance workers took strike action in defence of sacked RMT shop steward Steve Hedley. The strike was defeated and Hedley remained sacked. With trade union struggles at an all-time low and strike figures at the lowest level ever recorded, it would seem that, at the moment, the employers are ‘too strong’. The case of Steve Hedley would appear to back such views. But did it? Mark Metcalf gives his opinion

‘Official communists’ open up

Will Robert Griffiths be the death of the CPB?

Politics and money

Sikorski witch-hunted

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Good news, bad news

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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