WW archive > Issue 295 - 01 July 1999

Neither war nor peace


Prissy Marxism; Riot on; Anarchism in Shrops; Attack on all; Icons


Party notes

Turkey’s rulers split

Ocalan death penalty

Liquid assets

Summer Offensive ‘99

Winning the peasantry

Phil Sharpe argues that the Bolsheviks were wrong to dissolve the Constituent Assembly

Unison witch hunt

Learning from the fascists

Mark Fischer looks at the April 21 edition of Fighting Talk, published by Anti-Fascist Action

Trotsky versus the left Trotskyists

The RDG and the CPGB have joined forces in defence of revolutionary democracy, argues Dave Craig

Was Trotsky a Kautskyist?

Labour after the elections

Blind to the truth

Kosova crisis is a crisis of the left

Valiant failure

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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