WW archive > Issue 294 - 24 June 1999

Riot no answer

Anarchist protest struck a chord - with bourgeois liberals


Kautskyite; Hearts and minds; Done a bunk; Courts and juries; Machiavellian; Stink bombs; Curious

Hammer and tongs

Party notes

Calling the tune

Balkans war

Fisc manifesto

This document, sent anonymously to the Weekly Worker, is said to have been adopted by an SLP branch and sent to the NEC for discussion. It has all the hallmarks of the politics of Arthur Scargill’s former courtiers-in-chief, the Fourth International Supporters Caucus, most of whom have now left the party. The comrades call for the banning of “controversial” material - except, of course, their own

Understanding the Soviet Union

Phil Watson reviews 'Rethinking the Soviet collapse: Sovietology, the death of communism and the new Russia', edited by Michael Cox (Pinter Publishers 1998, pp294, £15.99)

Livingstone for mayor?

After the elections

John Stone of the Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International looks at the lessons of June 10

Thatcherite emptiness

Phil Sharpe reviews the film 'Notting Hill'

Unholy alliance

Bankers, bishops and the SWP unite on ‘third world’ debt

Welcome boost

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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