WW archive > Issue 291 - 03 June 1999

Vote ‘Weekly Worker’ on June 10!

Communist manifesto launched


Arthur knows; Absurd; RDG backing; General strike; ‘Jury’ abolished; No platform; Clear proof; Scandalous

Summer Offensive: halfway stage

Unison pulls plug

Tameside careworkers

Entryism, Scargill and the left

Extracts from a secret paper on the Socialist Labour Party presented by Harpal Brar at a 1998 May Day Brussels international seminar of Stalinites, hosted by the Workers Party of Belgium

Peasants, workers and self-determination

National socialist farce

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Rapprochement moves

Beginning of the end?

Despite talk of a Balkans settlement, Kosovar self-determination does not figure in Nato’s plans

Anti-war movement

Internationalist committee


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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